Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LENT Hiatus

Well, ladies, tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and, therefore, this is my final blog until after Easter. 

I leave you with one final product that I am obsessed with.  I wrote about loose kohl eyeliners back here.  Well, the one I ordered from India on eBay turned out to be a bust.  It completely irritated my eyes and smeared all over.

I then purchased the L'Oreal HIP one.  Let me just say that I LOVE IT.  It stays in my waterline all day. Instead of "tightlining" in the eastern style, I simply press the applicator wand on my lower waterline and then squeeze my eyes shut.  Voila...perfection.

Although I am a Protestant, I love observing Lent.  I didn't last year as my health was in a terrible state and I was working full time.  This year, I am excited to ignore all things beauty and go gluten free!  We'll see how it goes!



jessica wu said...

that looks like it would work wonderfully! thanks for sharing :D


bye said...


Sherri said...

Hi just stopping by great blog :) these Loreal Eye Kohls are being discontinued so they are 75% off at CVS until gone.