Thursday, February 11, 2010

I Married Mr. Rogers

So my friend, Kimberly Rogers, is one of the most artistic people I know.  A little random background, Kim was my freshman year RA at Vanguard.  Who knew we'd be super good friends ten years later?

Anyways, she has the most amazing children's boutique clothes/sets on Etsy.  Seriously, amazing quality.  She uses American Apparel onesies, and most of her things are reversible.  This girl can whip up the most creative stuff.  I highly recommend these sets as gifts. Don't be afraid, they come in boy and girl sets.  Adorable, and definitely a crowd pleasing gift!

Some of the sets come in these adorable little suitcases:

Check out her blog:

And do yourself a favor and get to her Etsy shop!

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AM said...

love her stuff!