Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Spring

Hello there!

I definitely missed blogging and reading beauty blogs over Lent.  However, it ended up being really good for me.

I had time for--

  • crafting: I have gotten really into crocheting again.  I found so many cute and stylish patterns on Etsy.
  • eating: I started eating Gluten Free.  This required quite a bit of research, recipe search, and tracking what I'm eating.  I'm now playing with how much wheat I can eat with the same results.
  • reading
  • long naps
I have quite a few things to write about.  My new goal is to be better about including pictures of the results of new products I try.

A huge steal dress.  Brand new French Connection dress with $150 tag attached.  Got it at a consignment store a couple of months ago for $9.  Woohoo!

Loving some new accessories as I decide whether or not to grow out my bangs.
Target, $8
Blush color--so hot this spring/summer

1 comment:

MarcieAnna and Anne-Marie said...

MISSED you! Glad to have you back!!!!!

The dress is adorable!