Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Long, No Write

For almost three years, I was a fairly regular--albeit lazy--beauty blogger.  Since my husband has been home, I have just been busy.  I have been throwing my limited (limited, but growing) energy into other pursuits, and blogging has been the last thing on my mind.

Here are a few things I have been loving.  I haven't been voraciously researching new makeup, but sticking with the products and brands I love.  I am steadily trying to go more natural in all my body and skin products, but it's slow going sometimes!


Whenever I get to visit the outlet mall about a half hour from where I live, I always have to pop into the Cosmetics Company Store.  I see to be drawn to some new Bobbi Brown product every time I go in.  A couple of months ago, my husband talked me into buying this.  I kept waffling about it, but he knows he reluctant I am to make purchases sometimes. 

Now, my skin is extremely combination.  Many things make my skin feel slick during the day.  However, when I keep it well moisturized in the morning, it tends to balance itself out.  My favorite product to moisturize with is Bobbi Brown EXTRA  Face Oil that I bought before my wedding last year (to layer under an oil free foundation with zero SPF.) My second favorite would be pure aloe vera gel.  Anyways, I do have to give a quick dusting of silica powder on my T-zone after using this, but I LOVE the smell and the sheer coverage.


 Secondly, I am finally able to line under my eyes with a pencil liner.  It's a miracle!! I simply dust a little powder around my eye, and use Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP for short!) on the places I want to line.  I have been using CoverGirl LiquidLine Blast eye pencil in Blackest Black.  Properly prepped, it stays on great.  When I don't want to deal with ANY smudging, I go to my trusty Bobbi Brown gel liner.


No, I did not do my hair myself here!  Yeah, right.  About a month after this, I chopped about four inches off of my hair.  My obsession with achieving ombre hair last summer has grown out beautifully, yet has taken a toll on the health of my hair.  I use a Pantene leave-in conditioner every time I wash my hair, and religiously use MorrocanOil.  I also still don't use heat anywhere but my bangs, except on rare occasions.

Well, that's about all the blogging I have in me right now.  I'll try to give product reviews here and there, so it doesn't go so long!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Little Guys

First of all, thank you to all who have left me sweet comments on my purse. I am truly such a bad blogger. I refuse to feel bad about it when I have other things taking up my time and energy. However, I definitely have some products and skin care things I'm dying to share.

In the meantime...

In a product market full of new shellac, rockstar or other super long wearing nail treatments, I have a plain old manicure that went the distance. I got a mani/pedi at a great little place close to my house. I went the day before Valentine's Day--little treat since I was excited to start wearing this ring on the 14th.

Well, the last three manicures I've gotten (spaced out over five months since i usually do my own), they have used OPI Bond Aid as a nail prep. I'm not sure why the combination of everything worked so well this time. Could it be Bond Aid? I wish I knew. I picked out OPI On Collins Ave. Good thing I love the color.

Here it is at Day Nine:

Day Twelve:

Two full weeks, and time to take it off:

Impressive, yes??

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Monday, February 7, 2011

New Purse

I have been perfectly content with my Kenneth Cole purse I scored for $20 on eBay last year at this time. Soft leather, perfect size, handle options.

However, I walked into TJ Maxx the other day, and fell in love with this blush pink beauty.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Curl Serum

It's been a while since I've raved about a new product. Lately, I've had criticisms for every product I've tried. Last winter through summer, Moroccan Oil could do not wrong for me--no greasiness, increased shine the longer you use it and very softening. However, this fall, with all of my color changes, I've needed a bit more. I've been dissatisfied with all of my wave products since the lightening of my hair changed its texture.

I happened upon this curling serum in TJ Maxx. For $4, I figured it was worth a shot--a defrizzer, conditioner and curl aid in one. Yes, please! I've used it three times now and I love it. It is everything I need right now. I've looked up reviews and apparently I am alone in my rave.

However, if you're looking for great deal, try your local TJ Maxx. If you're looking for a good deal, try here.

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Ombre hair

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you might remember when my obsession with ombre hair began last spring. After dyeing my hair darker than my natural color using demi permanent color for years, I took the plunge with messy highlights. From there, I had a reddish brown put on my roots to blend the grown out look. About a month after that, I I had more highlights put in on the under layers so that there wasn't so much left over of the almost black color I favored for so long.

Since then, I have made a few trips to Sally's beauty supply and read up a bit more online. Part of me just wants to put a light brown gloss over the whole thing, and part of me figures after spending quite a chunk of money to get it here, I should just continue dyeing my little gray roots that grow in.

Here is where it is now

If you're interested in learning more about, by far, the easiest way to add highlights and with the least amount of upkeep, check out this tutorial from Hair on the Brain.

The pictures of Lily Aldridge remind me again why I've gone through all this hassle. The tutorial even tempts me to add a few more highlights around my face. However, I am STILL getting used to having bleached parts of my hair!

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Hair Dilemmas

Well, readers, I have the urge to blog for the first time in A WHILE! Also, this is my first post from my Christmas iPad. The only beauty product I have purchased in months is a Kiehl's tinted moisturizer (more on that later.)

To catch up, I've been wearing mostly comfy yoga attire and wearing minimal jewelry. I am a big fan of "less is more" and I lazily enough have been adapting that as my motto. My favorite way to dress is still plain (plain, but well fitting) classics, updating with seasonal accessories.

My biggest annoyance right now is my hair. Grrrr, growing out my bangs has been so annoying. I have been lazy most days, but some days playing around with hot tools and various products. I had the same hair for years, and the change has really thrown me. My ombre hair color is still growing into its own, but it has made my hair must less silky. It's still very healthy, but...different. I have regretted putting so much color in a few times, but need to enjoy it since it's almost to what I had planned originally.

Here's the reality of my hair:

Beginning to grow out bangs

How I wear it most of the time since I get tired of little braids or twists

What I want it to look like soon

My plan is to do a demi permanent tint on my hair to give a bit more of a caramel color. Once my bangs get this long, I might end up chopping them...but I've come too far to stop now!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Nutra Sonic

So, my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas. Since he is gone, it's up to me to get it for myself. I couldn't really think of anything. Then, was browsing the Costco website and saw they had a Nutra Sonic cleansing brush--including the cleanser, toner and three brush heads. I had never heard of the Nutra Sonic, but have been longing for a Clarisonic for a couple of years now. I began voraciously reading reviews, as I am known to do. I could never justify $200 for a sonic brush, but $95 as a gift during a deployment...hmmm. Plus, buying from Costco is always satisfaction guaranteed. You cannot beat their return policy should anything be wrong with it down the road either.

So, I went for it. Gulp, still extravagant But, WOW. This thing is amazing!!! My skin has never felt so soft, smooth and glowing. I have only been using it for three days, twice a day. I have been using the sensitive brush head on the lowest setting since my skin can get irritated. I'll keep you posted on the long term effects, but it's supposed to fight aging and acne. It gets my face crazy clean, and products penetrate the skin much more effectively.

I can take it in the shower with me, and it has a body attachment as well. I haven't used it yet, but look forward to trying it out.

The brush heads need to be changed every 3-4 months, depending on use. The brushes are also about 40% less than the Clarisonic ones. The charger is universal voltage, just like the Clarisonic Plus. I have read that the instructions are much more extensive with the Clarisonic, but I'm fine getting info online and paying less than half the price!

HSN does sell a travel version--smaller and only two speeds. However, it is $44.95.

Ok, must get back to feeling my face...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Goody Pony Pouf Review

I LOVED the Goody Spin Pin, as I raved about here. It is a great tool to have. So, I was excited to pick up the Good Pony Pouf Clip from Target a couple of weeks ago.

I have to say I was very disappointed. It has two clip sizes--one for fine and one for thick hair. I have fine hair, but a TON of it. Seriously, anyone who does my hair comments on how much hair I have. My ponytails are thick, and the larger size of this barely fits my mop.

I love the idea of poufing up a simple pony for a different look, but don't want to tease or backcomb too much as my fine hair tends to tangle. The only easy way to explain why this does not work for me is to say that the slivers used to grab the hair and pouf it are only on one side. Unfortunately, to use this right side up, it won't close around my fat ponytail. I can get it to close, upside down. That may not make sense unless you've seen one in person.

Has anyone had good luck with this product? Walmart is selling a set of Goody tools here.

The video about these is here.