Saturday, July 31, 2010

Some Product Disappointments

I'm sitting here listening to very nearby neighbors singing karaoke.  Not pleasant when you aren't singing too, and don't know the people.  They just finished Beatles "Yesterday."

Anyways, here are some products that I have been disappointed with.

This was very disappointing.  I can't figure out if it was this or a new sunscreen I've been trying, but my face broke out into tiny bumps all over it.  Also, it felt like pure silicone, and my pores felt suffocated.  I have read so many rave reviews, but wasn't sold.

Wow, this was so chalky white and greasy.  I have been wanting a waterproof, physical sunscreen.  I thought the newer technologies prevented it from looking like the Zinc of older days.  I got some samples of Dermalogica super sensitive suncreen, and loved it.  All physical sunscreen with no chalkiness.  Then again, it's $45.  I read that they used microionized particles to avoid that chalkiness.  I guess I'll stick with my Shiseido--with its super waterproof, chemical/physical SPF blend.  I just have to be sure to remove it fully with a cleansing oil or wipe.

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation
It seems like every blog I read, someone raves about it.  I was thinking it would be sheer.  Nope.  I like a very sheer coverage.  I don't like looking like I have makeup on, I guess.  This looked very makeup-y on me.  Very matte on me.  No likey.


Anonymous said...

with the Nars Sheer Glow you just have to know how to apply it right, not with a foundation brush or a dual fiber brush, it has to be with your hands or a wet sponge like the beauty blender, that will give you sheer coverage. it's a fantastic foundation.

Adri said...

i'm so glad , i'm not the only one that keeps trying " the some awesome and must have " beauty products recommended by youtube guru's to then end up with my skin full of bumps. I bought the Loreal's base after reading so many awesome reviews and i swear my face is full of bumps right now when a week ago it was great. I love you blog...

Kara said...

Sue, even warming it with my fingers and very lightly applying, it is still too heavy for me somehow. Just doesn't work for me!

Adri, so glad I'm not alone!! I'm tired of seeing so many great reviews for that primer. Oh well, it's my fault for always trying to improve myself! :)