Saturday, August 21, 2010

Perfect sunscreen achieved.

I have been searching for the right physical sunscreen for my face. I am slowly trying to eliminate the chemical ones from my arsenal.

I tried Dermalogica. I loved it, but it was too pricey. Also, I have since learned that it is high in toxicity.

I tried Neutrogena. WAY too greasy and yucky.

I tried California Baby--pure titanium dioxide and super waterproof. It is great for the body, but broke my face out in teeny bumps. Yuck.

I landed on one that is always raved about, but somehow I had never tried. It is not waterproof, but I simply apply my Bare Escentuals mineral powder sunscreen midday. This doubles as a primer, isn't at all greasy, is tinted to counterbalance the whiteness of physical sunscreens and is just altogether wonderful and really reasonable. LOVE it.


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