Friday, September 11, 2009

Asian Eyes

This post is for my friend Sona.  She is full Korean.  I myself am a quarter Korean, and even then have some distinctive Asian issues (short, straight lashes; oily eyelids and a heart-shaped face.)  So, I feel free to make this a very racist post...melding all Asians into one.  Now I'm completely aware that Lucy Liu is Chinese, but we can take some good tips from her.

The godsend for any Asian girl is a good lengthening mascara that will hold a curl/crimp really well.  I have many times talked about my Holy Grail of Imju Fiberwig, the best selling mascara in Japan for a reason! I have blogged about it here and here.

Now, I am very picky about how I apply my mascara...big surprise, I know.
1.  Only apply eyeliner on the top lid before putting on mascara if it is gel or liquid and has had ample time to dry completely!
2.  Get a really good makes a huge difference.  I myself prefer the famous Shu Uemura, but I've heard many Asian girls rave about Shiseido's curler.
3.  If you have really stubborn, straight lashes, heat your curler with your blow dryer on low for 5-10 seconds before using it.
4. Getting as close to the base of the lashes as possible, firmly crimp in only one spot.  If you have short, straight lashes, IGNORE EVERYTHING YOU'VE EVER HEARD ABOUT CURLING IN THREE DIFFERENT SPOTS.  THIS WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU.
5.  Quickly apply the Fiberwig, wiggling slightly at the base of the lash and using the end of the wand to add fibers onto the ends of the lashes. (I need to do a pictorial of this, but am too lazy right now and am waiting for the US Open to continue after the all day rain delay.)
6.  At this point, if you are using a pencil liner (preferably over an eyelid primer such as Urban Decay Primer Potion.), use a firm/flat brush to wriggle it into the base of the lashes and extend up as high as you want the line to go.
7.  Wait for the amazing mascara to dry and crimp the eyelashes again with the curler.  My short, stubby lashes stand straight up ALL day.  I keep a cheapy Revlon curler in my car to do on my way somewhere.

As for liner, Sona is already incredibly and naturally beautiful (as well as being the mother of three adorably girly girls.)  I have read Lucy rave about a simple neutral eye color and a crisp line of liquid liner.

I would suggest Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin.  I've written about it here.

Secondly, a liquid eyeliner she can EASILY use on her top lashes and--for a more dramatic, glam look--in her lower waterline.  I think it would look stunning.  I haven't gotten over to MAC to try it, but have been reading rave reviews on Makeup Alley about MAC Liquidlast.  Read more here.

Lastly, for more Asian tips, check out this blog:
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Anonymous said...

I'll save this for Maggie....


sona renker said...

thank you, thank you!!! i will do whatever you tell me to do.

sona renker said...

so does the fiberwig hold curl just as well as if you skip the curling before mascara? it usually falls as soon as i put the mascara on, so i only do it post mascara application. what do you think? can't wait to try the liquidlast!!

Kara said...

I suggest curling before too. I know, for me, my lashes have to be lifted and coaxed multiple times! When you're going for length, you're going to have to sacrifice volume in this case. Only put on one coat, and don't put too much on the lash base...just a little wiggle, and then focus on pulling them up and adding length to the ends. I hope that makes sense!