Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Another Deal!

So, over a year ago, I ended my quest for my Holy Grail mascara with Imju Fiberwig (I wrote about it here.) I am part Korean and have very Asian eyelashes--short and straight. Since volume isn't a big deal to me, I fell in love with the lengthening and curling action of Fiberwig. It is also a tube mascara, waterproof as it forms little tubes around each lash. It comes off in tubes with warm water.

It is $22 at Sephora, which I have accepted. I only buy it every four months, so I have paid it. Well, I happened to be reading reviews on one of my favorite sites, Makeup Alley, and someone mentioned getting it for $13 on sasa.com. Of course, I quickly looked into it. It is the Asian version, called Dejavu Fiberwig. Ahhh, I had read that it was the bestseller in Japan.

Anyways, it was sold out on there, but I did a search on ebay for "dejavu fiberwig"--much cheaper than the American version "imju fiberwig."

Long story, I got it for $13.99 with free shipping! Yippee!!

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sona said...

great tip! found it on ebay and am waiting for it to be shipped from hong kong!