Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"Twilighted" Hair

I get the weekly Glamour beauty and fashion email update. I find it very helpful--full of tips and new trends. This came today and I immediately starting wanting twilighted hair:

Twilight-ed hair

Here's a new term to add to your hair dictionary: twilights. L.A. celeb colorist Stuart Gavert created the multidimensional hair colors you've see on Kristen Stewart and her co-stars in this winter's vampire flick, Twilight, and now he's coined a new color term after the flick. Unlike highlights or lowlights, twilights are achieved when very subtle lighter and darker tones are painted in to give the hair a sparkly effect without changing its color. Rachel Weisz and Eva Longoria Parker are just two A-listers who have already copied the Twilight look. There's no major root-dying, which means it's OK to skimp on color if you need to pay off your Visa bill. Ask your colorist to crib the effect!


AM said...

okay honestly that looks amazing. Wish I had the straight hair to show it off! You should totally do this!

AM said...

I have had my hair dyed to my normal black color this last week, BUT for the life of me I cannot put this post out of my head! I need to know more! I think I may take it into my gal after the baby and have this done. I have gotten to the point of being fed up with the same old black curly fro head. Maybe this new color technique will freshen it up and keep my boredom at bay.

Kara said...

I know! It sounds so amazing. I am hesitant to go permanent on mine. I just keep doing the demi permanent and because of all of the highlights in my hair, it keeps it multi-faceted.

I am getting more grays, though!! Ahhh.

AM said...

Yes, the grays are terrible! I have SO MANY more than just a a few months ago! FREAKING me out!

Where can I find out more about this technique? I tried looking online, but did not have much luck.

Kara said...

I wish I knew more! I will look around and see if I can find anything more on it.