Sunday, December 28, 2008

It Never Goes Out of Style

Hey everyone, I'm back from an eventful couple of weeks. I have tried to keep up with my beauty musings, but have a backlog of products I've tried, etc.

First of all, I have re-fallen in love with a few products, including the Glossing Cream (based on my one weekend without its amazingness.) I have acquired a couple of new products that I will have to write about.

I have been wearing my ear warmer (that I wrote about with uncertainty here) nearly any time I am not at work. It has quickly become a very practical seasonal signature accessory.

I am in awe of how long my spa birthday pedicure has lasted. It is blowing my mind. Seriously, still shiny 5 weeks later. I NEVER leave nail polish on that long usually, but with the cold weather and busy schedule, I didn't get around to changing it. I will write more about what I think the secret to its longevity is!

But, this evening, I am just thankful for pure aloe vera gel. I tend to be so freaked out about any sort of blemish or breakout, that I load up my already sensitive skin with harsh anti-acne products...causing peeling or redness. I have been trying to be more self-controlled about overapplying that stuff. Still, with the cold and dry weather, I have been having a bit of flaking around my skin. My favorite moisturizer--pure aloe vera gel. I know it doesn't make me break out, doesn't make me greasy and is incredibly cheap.


AM said...

I get the same problem during the winter....flaking skin but breakouts. I am going to have to try your aloe trick. Never thought of that one. :) You are always so good for the info!!!

Kara said...

Yes, try it! I do it at night since I don't really like the feel of makeup over it.

I also got a sample of Mario Badescu's Herbal Hydrating Serum and it is very similar to aloe, but absorbs better to wear under makeup.

AM said...

So I am happy to report that after using the aloe for 1 week I have had amazing results!!!! I went for it mainly to help with the flaky skin, but it has REALLY helped with my acne and dark spots! I LOVE it. I don't know why I never thought of it before.


Kara said...

I'm SO glad to hear the success story. I couldn't live in the dry winter without my aloe! So cheap and natural too.