Monday, December 22, 2008


I went away in a hurry for the weekend and forgot my Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream (made with olive oil.) Let's just say that my hair was not the same. Normally I need a serum (I used BioSilk) and Glossing Cream. Other products are optional. If I'm diffusing my naturally wavy hair, I use Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam or some other texturizing spray/cream.

But many times I just toss in my two staple products, and my hair dries on its own--sans frizziness and with tons of shine.

Not so this weekend. It made me SO appreciate my Glossing Cream, and I needed to share it. It is very pricey, but worth it. Sephora and Bath and Body Works both sell a mini bottle for $9 that lasted a few months even on my super long hair. I sprung for the full sizer when I had a Sephora Beauty Insider coupon.


Laura said...

again you are my long lost beauty product soul mate. there is perhaps nothing i love more for my hair than said glossing cream. (used on top of the sunsilk beach waves spray).

next time we are spending the night at the same place, i want you to try a dollop of the kerastese curling cream i use. i think, if diffused, it might make your hair even more fantastic than it already is.

Kara said...

You definitely got me hooked on Sunsilk beach waves, when I wear product. Next time I'm staying with you, I will definitely try the Kerastase. I think I remember you telling me about it in CO!