Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mid Week

All around me, everyone is falling victim to colds (or maybe it's one virus, who knows.) Tonight, my throat is feeling a bit sore and scratchy. I am loading up on my immune supplements, and those things have fought for me quite well. Here's hoping.

Anyways, here are some things I am loving right now:

Kristen Stewart's outfit

Benefit Primpcess (if only I didn't already own their Big Beautiful Eyes kit.) This thing looks so efficient and travel-friendly.

Just got this from Urban and can't decide if it works for me or not. I feel like my hair is a pouffy at the top. I may need to exchange it for this:


Bekah said...

Go for the knit hat...

Laura said...

i looked at the big beautiful eyes kit online-i love the colors, but they look like they might be a little too shimmery. are they?

Kara said...

Bekah, I think I am going to keep the ear warmer. It has become my new signature winter accessory!

Laura, the two lighter colors are shimmery. The lightest shade is a great highlighter for under the brow bone. Bobbi Brown has a great matte brown palette if you're looking for all matte colors.