Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have loved Helena Christensen since I was in 7th grade and she was in Cover Girl ads in my Seventeen magazine. I felt like my face shape was similar to hers, and the dark hair/light eyes combo. It was very inspiring back when every model had an oval face and blonde, straight hair.

She looks amazing as she ages. And, even though I just decided to go without bangs for the summer as I adjust to my first Fresno summer in nine years (as I pine away for the ocean breeze I know and love), I can't help but lust after those bangs.


AM said...

this is a stunning look. Makes it look easy....I have to admit that blue is looking appealing to me these days. Not a color I am normally attracted to. The dark jewel tone is awesome.

BTW did the short nails in the blue and it rocks.

Kara said...

I too am loving the blue. My cobalt blue eyeliner is a little shimmery in some light.

Perfect for the short nails. See, your chopping spree paid off. Now paint Sabrina's.

AM said...

She is begging for more PINK. I might have to get her the neon pink.....Ha
Crazy that she is such a girly girl! Loves it.