Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'll Pass

I wouldn't call myself a completely trendy girl. I enjoy reading mounds of magazines and beauty blogs, but don't dress or do makeup constantly worried about not being "in style" and of the moment. I like getting new ideas, and gradually introducing new items into my wardrobe and products (i.e., a gladiator-esque sandal, cobalt blue nail polish, chunky yellow gold hoops.)

Two trends I initially am put off by are the comeback of jellies and neon colors. I will happily
eat my words a few months from now if the trends become mainstream enough for me (and feel like my style.) But, for now, no thanks. I would rather stay boring and simple. I don't care if the jellies are YSL, Old Navy or Michael Kors. I don't care if every fashion forward beauty editor is rocking neon nails. Not for me...yet.


am said...

If you did that I may have to stop reading....Next you will get long fake nails painted in neon pink with little leopards painted on them. God help us when the 80's styles come back full swing!!!

Kara said...

Yeah, luckily the trends come in small doses...leggings, side ponytails, big plastic jewelry, neons and jellies.