Friday, June 13, 2008

Thirty, Flirty and Fun


Remember that scene in "13 Going on 30" when the thirteen year old dreams of being thirty? Well, Joy just hit the big 3-0. She picked up some incredible new eyeliner yesterday, and we decided I should write about it on here. I then took it a step further and decided to overhaul her whole look with inspiration from new makeup and celebrities. I would have just emailed these ideas to her, but figured I might as well post it for everyone's entertainment (my ten dedicated readers!)

I have known her for nine years, and lived with her for four of those. Over the years, I did her makeup for a college senior banquet, for a music video shoot (oh, yes) and attempted to for her 30th party. She is one of those people who can pull off no makeup just as well as red lips. She looks great both in cool and warm tones.

Here goes:

I pulled up a few celebrity pics as inspiration. Her face shape most closely resembles Parker Posey's of these...but with coloring similar to the others. All of these are wearing more makeup than she would everyday, so we're not looking to copy, but simply glean ideas.
I wish I had a closer picture of Parker here. It is a contoured eye in blue and gray. Looks great on Joy.

This same lip color looks great on Joy.

Ok, now that we've seen the inspirations, here are my recommendations:

She already uses Bobbi Brown foundation as needed, finished off with Bobbi Brown powder. Then, Too Faced Bronzer. I know this because I picked them out for her. The only thing I would add to the face makeup is Benefit You're Bluffing Concealer. It is a pure yellow concealer stick that evens redness perfectly...especially around the nose or mouth. It would also be perfect for days she just wants to even out her skin without wearing full face makeup. My only complaint is that it has to be used on well moisturized skin or it can be a little drying.

Some products and tips for her eyes:
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
  • Using at least two different colors of brown eyeshadow on her eyes. One as a base color and one smudged in the crease and around the eye. She already has a quad of colors with light blue, navy, brown and a shimmery highlighter. She needs a mix of browns. I love my Benefit Big Beautiful Eyes because it is so convenient--the included undereye concealer, directions, mirror and a decent brush. BareMinerals has a great set (Ready-to-Wear Collection) that isn't sold in Sephora, but looks perfect.
  • Just like she has in the picture, a little eyeliner in the lower waterline (only part way from outer eye to mid eye) and smudged into the upper lashes. For a dressier look, an all over brown smoky eye.
Lips and Cheeks:

  • I think she should bring some blush into the routine. Benefit Dallas would look great on her. Or NARS Orgasm, the blush that looks amazing with all coloring. Or, like Rachel Bilson, I think a pop of pink would look great on just the apples of her cheeks with Bobbi Brown Pale Pink. I love that the website even gives instructions on how to do it.
  • A great option would be a multi purpose product, like Benefit Rush Hour (yes, I do love Benefit.) The color would be gorgeous on her, on her cheeks and a little smeared with her finger onto her lips.
  • For a different look, a pale pink or nude-ish pink lipstick. I have a discontinued Benefit one I love ("Hollywood Roll"), but nude pink in any brand would do...preferably a moisturizing one since I don't see her reapplying often. She could probably find one from her beloved Aveda.
That's it for now!


Joy said...

Oh my goodness. I feel so pretty already in preparation. Of course, you are going to need to go with me to purchase any items as I am terrified of buying anything on my own. The Urban Decay eyeliner was scary enough. Thank you so much for doing this. You are a cosmetic genius!

Lauren said... are out of control. I need to be closer to you so you can over-haul my look. Joy is a very lucky woman to have access to your expert advice!

Kara said...

I know, I am definitely out of control. This actually took me a few different sessions to research and write!

Joy, we'll definitely have to hit up the Colorado Springs mall!

Joy said...

okay. Today I went to the mall and the Armani fellow kept wanting to "put something just around your eyes." I was wearing nothing on my face except remnants of mario bedescu from the night prior.

Gracitchka said...

kara!! you are too funny!!i like reading about all of your beauty tips. i guess i don't have to buy magazines anymore....

AM said...

Okay this is great. I definitely thing the blush is a must! All of your inspirations were right on. I must ad one thing.....Eye lash curler and mascara. I know Joy would not wear it regularly but for weddings and dates it would be perfect! Would really brighten those eyes.

What do you think about a bronzer, nothing over done, just a summer highlight.

Kara said...

Grace- How different I am than in my Moscow days when I dyed my lips with Kool Aid!!

AM- I totally agree about the curled, long lashes on her...especially for dates! She actually already has bronzer and it looks really good on her.