Sunday, June 8, 2008

Beautiful Weekends

I love the blog Garance Dore. I don't know what the English translation is, and I don't even remember how I found it about 6 months ago. All I know is that the pictures inspire a natural, beautiful look for me. It makes me want to frolic outside, makeup-free and semi frizzy-haired. While some days, I truly enjoy wearing no makeup, I think I enjoy working for a seemingly makeup-free face even more. I always read magazine beauty editors writing that they all fight to see who can expertly apply makeup the best ,in order to look completely free of makeup--subtle eyeliner, lash tint, sheer face coverage and MLBB (for those not familiar with Makeup Alley, it stands for "my lips but better", a desirable achievement for lip color.)

I had a spectacular weekend. I got to spend time with a few of my closest friends, celebrating one's 30th birthday and having a reunion of our now long distance friendships. We get to talk about our beauty hang ups and achievements, and I find myself looking at each one and appreciating the beauty of each. We all look completely different, and the level of effort we put into our beauty routines is very different.

It made me think about being comfortable in my own skin. The reality is that I will never achieve perfection in my products...however much I try to assemble the perfect combinations. It doesn't stop me from enjoying my pursuit of perfect products, but it's nice to know that my own skin is just fine too.

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