Thursday, June 5, 2008


With Lindsy's wedding coming up, I am thinking alot about the Little Black Dress--as bridesmaids get to choose our own (in my case, most likely wearing one I already own.) But I have sauntered around the In Style website looking for ideas, just for fun. I will probably end up wearing my high school prom dress...I'm dead serious. I found it at Marshall's back in 1999--a classic BCBG LBD. I have busted that thing back out many a time over the years. Who knew? It is simple, but has small distinctive details, and fits really well.

I seem to really like Cameron Diaz's dresses...

And Ali Larter is stunning, and does her own red carpet hair and makeup sometimes for the Dove Self Esteem campaign. I don't think I need to say how much I LOVE that campaign.


The Kitty said...

doesn't cameron diaz have THE most beautiful legs you have ever seen!? everytime i see a pic of her in a short skirt i am overwhelmed with jealousy! i remember this one dress she wore right after she split up with J.T.- as a matter of fact i think it was at the premiere of Shrek 2 or something- and it peach colored and really short and she wore her hair in a ponytail with some sky-high Louboutin's and looked SO amazing! i really need to get myself a LBD, that's one of the most crucial wardrobe pieces that i don't even own.

AM said...

the fact that you can fit in a HS prom dress is great! Love it. When it is timeless cut you can really get away with it.