Monday, May 5, 2008

Yoga-Ta Get This Blue

I love the OPI nail collections. I very rarely stray from matte or sheer nail colors and love all classic colors, but once a year, like to branch out and go shimmery/trendy. This season, it is Yoga-ta Get This Blue from the India Collection. It is kind of a rip off of the $17 Dior color that was the all the rage a few months back. (Complete side note, but I have to laugh at myself every time I punctuate my thoughts with phrases like "all the rage." I sound completely ridiculous, but it's MY shallow blog and I can fill it with as much shallowness as I want!)

And I can use my phone to take a picture of my foot while sitting outside reading, and put it up on my blog.

OPI India Collection

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Anonymous said...

Black Cherry Chutney looks pretty.
Pompeii Purple is my new favorite color of the season.