Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Perfect Skin

I know I promised a post on mascara, but I have to go with my heart. And my heart told me to write about my insatiable lust for glycolic acid products. Like most people, I see all of my skin's flaws--every blemish, discoloration, scar, blotchiness, pores, etc. I love the naked, no-makeup look for face makeup (this means I wear makeup, but want to look like I don't.) In order to achieve said makeup look, I have to start with good skin.

Now, I love to give advice to people about skincare. I have had long discussions with Sephora employees, and pick any esthetician's brain. I am so fascinated by, you guessed it, finding the perfect skin regimen.

I believe the regimen begins and ends with glycolic acid. I am no dermatologist or esthetician, but I believe in chemical versus manual exfoliation. Chemical exfoliants are things like retinol (Retin A is one), glycolic acid, salicylic acid. The beautiful thing about those is that they fade scars, make your skin baby soft and even out skin tone. I swear using the peel makes my skin glow.

I am reminded of my passion for the stuff because Joy told me yesterday that she can't find our favorite adult acne peel anywhere. This peel has glycolic AND salicylic acid. She finally bought it on eBay. So sad!

I use six glycolic acid products. The aforementioned peel (L'Oreal), my toner (Alpha Hydrox), a mild version in Bare Escentuals Rever Upper in my morning before makeup, a body wash (Alpha Hydrox), a body scrub (Dermadoctor--sample size of the very pricey brand), and a lotion (Alpha Hydrox.) The GA is my answer to ingrown hairs, as well as good skin. The Dermadoctor is obsessed over on many beauty blogs as the answer to bumps on the back of arms. Peter Thomas Roth is a Sephora brand that gave me the idea of seeking out the much cheaper versions in Alpha Hydrox.

The trick is moderation. The only GA product I use daily is the toner. And all of my other products are very mild. Oh, and wear a lot of suncreen!

So goodbye, O Sweet Adult Acne Peel. Even though everyone told me I didn't have adult acne and to stop obsessing, I still sought you out and then, through you, discovered the wonderful world of glycolic acid... Yours is the gift that keeps giving...The fruits of your seed are plentiful...


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Joy said...

This is the best product ever! Sadly, it is currently unavailable anywhere! I did find it on ebay and purchased. Hopefully my face will not fall out.