Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A Perfectionist Disclaims

I have to start off my second blog already disclaiming the very title of "In Pursuit of Perfection." A few years ago, the editor of Glamour magazine's husband wrote the letter from the editor. One thing he said jumped out at me. He said he can't understand why women are never satisfied with themselves. We are always looking to better ourselves, and for ways to correct our flaws. This is so true of me.

As I've stated, I feel like I contradict myself constantly. I pursue perfection in every area of my life. On one hand, I recognize that my life in general will never be exactly the way I want it, and I choose to be thankful for what it is. That is one of the key lessons from my life as a sick person. On the other hand, I am an obsessive fan of self-improvement.

During this time of not being able to exercise, or better myself in traditional ways, researching for the HG beauty products gave me an odd sense of control and of bettering myself. The funny thing about me is that I don't even wear that much makeup. I do love having the options, though, and I love knowing which are the best options. I know I will never see my skin or eyelashes or hair as perfect, but I LOVE the pursuit of the perfection...

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