Friday, April 4, 2008

Is There an HG Mascara??

So, the day I wrote my first blog, I had a magical eyelash day. My eyelashes curled more perfectly than ever before, and actually held that curl ALL day. It wasn't the mascara, though. More like a freak accident. I currently use two very mediocre mascaras, with no remarkable characteristics.
The Clinique is, of course, part of a Gift With Purchase. The Maybelline was my sad attempt to replace my pricey Benefit Get Bent. I love the curling power of Get Bent, but it had to be used over another mascara...and it smudged slightly. So far, it is the closest to HG I have gotten. The Benefit Sales Girl put it on over Benefit Bad Gal mascara, and showed me how to lift the curl with the brush. She said the best curling technique is using a plastic spoon to curl the lashes around after applying the mascara.

Here are the contenders making alot of noise right now: (at least my favorite among them)

Sephora, $22
I lust after this one. It is the top-selling mascara in Japan...made for short, straight Asian lashes like mine (I am one-quarter Korean.) It adds tiny extensions to your lashes, and forms "tubes" around them that only come off in warm water.

Clinique, $14:
Same "tube" technology (one of quite a few brands right now.) It truly stays put, even through tears...but nothing dramatic in curl or volume.

Cover Girl:
This has created hysteria among beauty blogs. It was sold out for the first 3 months after it came out. I have seen ads for "buy one, get one free," and that would make it a steal. It comes in waterproof (which I hate, but holds curl longer) and regular. I have yet to try it, but seems like an economical answer.

Diorshow has been the hyped mascara for awhile, but I don't find anything special about it. I may have to go back to the amazing lifting power of Get Bent. The agony of the search continues...

PLEASE share your favorite mascara. I have no real answers, as I am yet a pilgrim on this impossibly frustrating journey.


sarahfrostie said...

My favourites are Lancome Hypnose. I just think it’s perfect. It doesn’t clump, you only need one coat, it doesn’t dry my lashes, it holds the curl, and it’s really lightweight. It does dry out quickly though. But they are only meant to last 3 months right? So that’s OK…I’ve usually bought another in that time.
Then I have two relatively cheap high street buys – Rimmel Glam Eyes, which surprised me. I don’t really ever like their products at all, but it was new mascara, on offer and I could not resist. Anyway, it’s lovely. Does the job. But it doesn’t make me feel special.
And also L’Oreal Telescopic which is so great for the most part – really dramatic, and really opens my eyes. But it doesn’t keep the curl very well….and because I have long lashes, I really notice it.
I used to love Clinique mascaras, but they just don’t have enough drama. I think I would like to try the Diorshow one next, even though you don’t rate it!! I feel like I’m missing out.
Oh, mascara is amazing.

Joy said...

what is HG?

Kara said...

HG is "holy grail." Beauty blog terminology.

Lauren said...

I think a good cheap one is Rimmel Lash MAXXX. I bought it in a fix one time and really love it. I keep it in my purse for the days I'm rushed and have to apply after I get to work. It has comb (not a brush) and does a decent job of curling.

The Kitty said...

it's soooo hard to pick just one, so i'm going to cheat and pick 3! :D i'd say the top 3 best mascaras i've ever tried were 1. Dior Maximeyes (now discontinued, sob!) 2. Imju Fiberwig and 3. Cover Girl Volume Exact. i'm telling you, Volume Exact is magical! it separates lashes and makes them soooo long and feathery AND holds a curl AMAZINGLY well (as long as you apply gently). also another great mascara for holding a curl is Rimmel Lycra Lash Extender, super cheap and great results. i tried Rimmel Lash Maxxx and although it wasn't horrible, i didn't think it was that great, either.

Kara said...

Kitty, you're my new fave blogger. I ended up getting the Fiberwig and really like it, even though it doesn't add volume. You have thoroughly inspired me with TF though...and the Rimmel one sounds amazing. Those are my next two for sure.