Friday, January 21, 2011

Ombre hair

If you have been reading my blog for some time, you might remember when my obsession with ombre hair began last spring. After dyeing my hair darker than my natural color using demi permanent color for years, I took the plunge with messy highlights. From there, I had a reddish brown put on my roots to blend the grown out look. About a month after that, I I had more highlights put in on the under layers so that there wasn't so much left over of the almost black color I favored for so long.

Since then, I have made a few trips to Sally's beauty supply and read up a bit more online. Part of me just wants to put a light brown gloss over the whole thing, and part of me figures after spending quite a chunk of money to get it here, I should just continue dyeing my little gray roots that grow in.

Here is where it is now

If you're interested in learning more about, by far, the easiest way to add highlights and with the least amount of upkeep, check out this tutorial from Hair on the Brain.

The pictures of Lily Aldridge remind me again why I've gone through all this hassle. The tutorial even tempts me to add a few more highlights around my face. However, I am STILL getting used to having bleached parts of my hair!

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Britti said...
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Britti said...

Wow yours turned out beautiful! I love Ombre hair. A lot of critics have been bad mouthing it, but I think its sexy lol
Well if you get the chance, check out my new blog I have started:

I did an Ombre tutorial and there are pictures on there of how mine turned out.

Take Care
Britti x

Jane said...

I love ombre hair as well! I think it's different and it's good when you don't want to color all your hair. I actually try it today, I kind of like it. I like your blog!

rach said...

i havekind of ombre hair and i love the trend :) X

plainjane said...

Love the hair..:)

Love your posts follower here..XOXO

stretch mark removal cream said...

i love ombre hair, I had this during our christmas party...they love my look

Anonymous said...

Your hair looks gorgeous!!
I had a major issue with bad roots until I discovered a product my hairdresser recommended, not sure if it's available in the USA as I bought it in Australia.

It's a natural mineral hair powder made from Australian minerals and clays by Spilt Milk. You get SO much in one in canister, it lasts forever.

Covers my roots to perfection and is colour specific and will match to any shade. I also love it as a dry shampoo.

Anyway I found the website so you can see what I am talking about-

Thanks for a great Blog, and no you're no slack with your blogging. Some things are worth waiting for. Too many bloggers are about quantity rather than quality.

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