Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lip Liner

Ok, so I've been really wanting to create a better nude and pale pink lip.  I tried buying a lipstick, tried using concealer on lips like I've read...but short of actually wearing a lipstick, nothing has really worked.

Back when I was in 8th grade, I wore Wet'n'Wild #666 lip liner under Carmex--just like all of my friends.  I recently busted out my MAC Spice (cult favorite liner) and layered it under some Burt's Bees chapstick.  I loved the look, and it reminded me of my junior high days.

I have been wanting to try the Cover Girl lipstain since I really like my Styli Style one, but all the reviews say that they all come out bright.  I wanted a really pale lip.

Well, today I headed to Sephora and bought two Sephora liners.  They are $5 each.  I am SOOOOO pleased with my selections that I fully recommend them to you.  You get to try them on in person, and they are cheaper than most drugstore options.

I got two very similar shades-
Native Mauve

Candid Candy

I love each of them with just a touch of balm or chapstick over it.  I also have a plethora of sheer glosses I can't wait to try over them.  Such a steal for long lasting, ultra pigmented color.


Lauren said...

Okay, this is totally off the subject of "ball prep", but I was thinking of you last week. I went to an Arbonne party that my friend Tracy was having and she is Asian. She started talking about her short eye lashes and this cool Arbonne product that is a lash enhanser...she put it on just one eye for 1 month and the difference was AMAZING! I ended up buying that product and I's pretty if you know anyone who sell's it (I'm actually seriously thinking about being a rep...I love it that much), you might hit them up for a demo :)

Kara said...

WOW! Sounds amazing. I definitely need to look into that! I have been using a pretty inexpensive Swiss product I learned about online, but it doesn't do anything too dramatic.