Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nude Nails

So, nude is a hot color this spring. Anything from nude snakeskin to nude lips to nude nails. Two nude things I wanted to embrace are nude pumps (which I've wanted for a while for work) and nude nails.

I happened to be at a beauty supply store that had 50% off of everything, and got a nude polish. Here are the pics. I don't recommend the Nicole by OPI. This is the only polish from that line I've gotten and I'm disappointed with the quality.

I have mixed feelings about the color. On one hand, I feel like it's very matronly. On the other, in my mind I know that it's edgy and forward...but it's not the most exciting shade.

I took these pics where I spent most of the weekend--OUTSIDE!!


AM said...

I am going to have to agree with you on this color....Almost seems too dark. I think a lighter shade might look less matronly.

I have one bottle of the Nicole and I did not like it either. I use it for the kids now....

Got a glitter top coat yesterday. Can't wait to try it over my purple polish. Sabrina is SUPER excited to wear it over her pink polish. :)

Kara said...

Yeah, I don't really like it. It just doesn't feel like me!

Yay for glitter! I want a really chunky glitter for my toes. You are amazing to even have energy to do that stuff. Stylin' those girls up right!!

AM said...

Hey, I have to keep my mommy glam some way! Of course the pedi is not the best, but at least there is something on those nails!!!

The glitter is fun and I like it more than I thought. I was worried it might be juvenile, but it looks spunky instead.