Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For Straight Haired Gals Who Want Wavy Hair

Here are a couple of good ideas:

The pictures above are from this blog "15 Minute Beauty Fanatic." She writes about her experiment with the Remington Emi Airwave. I've read about it on quite a few blogs, but I really like her pictures that show how it works. It's been getting rave reviews and is very affordable.

Also, I got my weekly email from the Glamour Beauty Department and it included this tip on how to get Julia Roberts hair. It sounds low maintenance! I have been told to make little twirls all over my head when diffusing or even air drying.

An Easy Way to Score Julia's Waves

I'm so into Julia Roberts' new hair: It looks like her old hair, only better. When Julia broke onto the scene in the late '80s, she was known--and loved--for her bodacious curls. Today she still has sexy waves, but they look fresh and modern because they start farther down the head at ear level (all those harsh '80s perms made curls start at the roots). If you're feeling this natural-looking 'do, ditch your curling iron and try this fuss-free wave-making technique from Aveda hair pro Pearson Knight: "Air-dry hair 90 percent, then comb a little spray gel or hairspray throughout your hair. Next, part your hair into four sections (part straight down middle, make two from forehead to ear and two in the back), then, section by section, loosely twist all the hair into a very loose bun (for a total of four mini-buns) and pin in place. Blow-dry or use a diffuser to heat and set the twists. Let cool, take buns down and finger-style some twists to give you those loose 'Julia' waves."


AM said...

I am going to have to try the four bun method sometime. I wonder if it will work to tame my curls into waves? Worth the try!?!?!

Kara said...

Definitely worth a try! You also could try air drying a little and then using the big velcro rollers, and see how much it relaxes it.