Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doing the Dishes in Style

Last fall, I used to get the Rachael Ray magazine. It was free for six months. I happened upon some snazzy dish gloves sort of like these priced at $30 a pair! Well, I clipped it out and at Christmas, made my own versions for my aunts, grandma and mom. They were great little Christmas presents that I wrapped up in takeout boxes.

I'm not normally a super crafty person. I reserve doing crafts only for when I see something that is outrageously priced and super cute that I COULD MAKE MYSELF.

Anyways, saw these again and wanted to share the stylin' way to do dishes.

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am said...

The crazy lady on the BBC show "how clean is your house" (or something like that) wears these. First time I saw it I almost peed.