Sunday, January 25, 2009

Clip in bangs

Guys, I'm seriously thinking of getting these. I am not willing to cut my own bangs yet again (I've done that cycle of cutting-the-regrowing the bangs three times in as many years.) But, I want them!!!

I wrote about these here.

And have been seriously thinking about getting them this week. $34.99 sounds worth it.


AM said...

okay, Kara I usually am on board with all of your style ideas, but this one.....I am just not sure.....Clip on HUMAN HAIR bangs!!!!! Do you really want them that bad? Go for the cut then! use your dry shampoo to fight the grease concern! Seriously, this idea scares me!

(Remember on project runway when the one guy used human hair on his outfits? Makes me think of that.)

Kara said...

Haha, I HATED those dresses with the human hair.

But all quality extensions are made of human hair. REmember when I used to be obsessed with getting extensions in general??

I have to work way too hard to maintain my own bangs. Maybe I just need a haircut for fresh inspiration. But I want them!!!

AM said...

Still can't go there with you! LOL
On another note....I am thinking about cutting bangs in for myself. I am tired of the hair....Need SOMETHING new but nothing drastic and high maintenance.