Saturday, July 12, 2008

Clip On Bangs

My latest lust is for clip on bangs. Obviously, I have been a little obsessed with Helena Christensen's bangs, and longing to have them. However, since I've moved to the Central Valley's dry climate, my bangs have gotten greasier. So, that coupled with the heat, seem to persuade me NOT to chop mine off again.

Has anyone tried these? I am seriously thinking of doing it, as long as there was a satisfaction guarantee.

Two sites I've heard of are this and this.


Anonymous said...

What's the newest hairsty;e this fall? i want to get my hair done, but can't decide between a cute bob or the long layers I usually do?


Kara said...


Lots of people are chopping theirs off...especially the Gwyneth/Anne Hathaway "grown out bob" look. I think yours would look incredible that way, like the way Gwyneth wears it wavy.

Gina said...

Hi, I love your blog! Since Audrina wore bangs (I belive they were also clip in bangs), I have been wanting clip in bangs. I saw sultryhair's clip in bangs featured in Glamour Magazine and then again in Siempre Mujer Magazine, so I decide to give them a try. I called and placed an order for one clip in bang color #. I was nicely surprised to find that the staff was super friendly and accomidating. I received the order in 2 days (very fast), on top of that I absolutely LOVED the clip in bangs. So much so, that I told everyone about them. Everyone says they look so natural and they would not know I even had them in if I didn't tell them. I love my clip in bangs because they are super cute and very natural looking. They give my thin bangs a boost. I hope that helps anyone that is unsure about ordering. Give it a try, I did and I wish I hadn't waited soo long. ;)