Friday, December 5, 2008

Tell me, tell me!!

Please, time for some feedback.

I have been itching for change in the face makeup department. Everytime I think I want to change, I remember just how much I love Bare Escentuals. But, I am curious as to what other people wear. I like to look like I'm not wearing face makeup, when I laugh secretly at how I actually do!! Mwahahaha...

Seriously, though, what do you wear?

I am contemplating trying Colorescience mineral makeup in a pressed powder. The makers of Bare Escentuals split back in the 90's and this is the company the other partner started. It is pricier than BE, but is amazingly waterproof. And the packaging is more convenient, with either a pressed powder or a brush applicator.

Other than that, I love tinted moisturizers.

But I usually go back to BE, for three years now!


Askandarani said...

mirror mirror on the wall,
come on, ur great

Laura said...

i use a mac mineral powder-have for the last year. and i like it, but have never really loved it. but i recently tried a free sample of bare minerals that i got at ulta and i like it way more than the mac powder.

so, sorry to say, i can't recommend you try it.

AM said...

Well, I am a BE girl for 4 years! I always think about switching, but my skin loves the stuff. I did ad in a tinted moisturizer from aveda for a base. Since the pregnancy I have blotchy uneven skin tone. It helps with that. I also added in a medicated coverstick for bad blemishes from Almay. All that combined I feel pretty covered.

The other makeup you mentioned sounds cool though...being pressed powder.