Monday, September 15, 2008


Sorry I've been a very negligent blogger. Beauty products and techniques, clothes and inspirations are still very much on my mind.

The difference is that I am in a long distance relationship that consumes quite a bit of my evening time...whether it's talking to him, or trying to update all of my friends (most of them also long distance) about that situation. I leave to visit him in Missouri this week...bringing all of my California-ness to the Midwest!

In fashion-related musings, lately I have been longing for fall. I want a pair of dark purple tights, as well as charcoal gray. I would like to wear these tights with ankle lace up boots, and bring back out my beloved J. Crew coat from last year. I say these things while the weather is still in the 90's!

So, when I saw this picture of Claire Danes, I was happy to feel content with sundresses again...for now.


Lauren said...

Hey, you will be in our neck of the woods! :o)

Kara said...

Lauren! I will actually be in Springfield!! Small, small world...