Monday, September 15, 2008

Good things come to those that wait

About two years ago, I read about Styli-Style lipstains in People Style Watch magazine. They raved about the "Hudson" color...the perfect rose pink stain. I looked up reviews about it, and everyone agreed it was amazing. While it is a felt tip stain, it isn't nearly as drying or garish as other stains.

For over six months, I stalked the only website that sells it, It was backordered over and over again. I checked ebay, but there were none. The longer it went that I couldn't get my hands on one, the more obsessed I became.

Over time, I lost my obsession. But then, a couple of weeks ago, happened to check on ebay and found a bunch of them (brand new, of course.) I decided to purchase.

Let's just say, the hype is worth it. It definitely doesn't stay on all day, but it is a great having a long lasting liner. It is just a little darker than my lips, but can be layered for more pigment. It isn't drying, and wears off nicely without feathering. And, with shipping, was $10.

Perfect for under glosses or balms. I have found most stains so annoying and drying...and peel off my lips instead of fading gracefully. This is so different.

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AM said...

okay every time you have these obsessions it makes me want to try it out! Not sure if I am a lip stain kind of gal, but it could be be great for my days with the kids!