Wednesday, July 23, 2008

PR Week Two

My favorites from tonight's show:


The Kitty said...

i also loved that white dress that Kenley made! i think it should have won hands down, the dress that Suede made that ended up winning was cute on top but i did not like the tulle skirt! come on! it reminded me of that one awards show that Lara Flynn Boyle wore the tutu to and everyone made tons of fun of her! who's gonna wear that, for real? i usually don't run errands in a tutu, do you?

The Kitty said...

ps: check your MUA mail!!! ;D

AM said...

I just love love love PR! My favorite indulgence! The two you posted were also my fave! I really love the 40's style and vibe. This is a great season!!!! Who is your pick for a winner? I am still undecided!