Sunday, July 27, 2008

Can't get enough of Kelly

If you know me well, you've probably heard me say over the years that I would love to be a morning talk show host like Kelly Ripa. Let it be known that I also would like to dress like her.

I don't care how many people much more fashion forward than me continue to talk about their love of the skinny jean...I still like 'em boot cut or even wide-legged. I am relieved to continue seeing more wearable wide legs.


The Kitty said...

i also love me some Ripa, and i just saw the cutest commercial with her and Molly Sims on QVC (where else!) where they're fighting over a handbag. anyways, i could strangle you for not loving skinny jeans with your skinny-jean-perfect body! i love skinny jeans but can't wear them because of my large and in charge ass and hips!!! grrrr! oh and a request- can we have a post on Bio-Oil? i always see this at the drugstore and want to buy it. tell me more!!!

AM said...

she is perfection that Ripa! I envy her arms too!!!!! That is my goal...arms like Ripa.

Her style is perfection for all us small busted ladies.....(or maybe used to be small busted) LOL