Thursday, July 31, 2008


Ok, this is for my friend The Pretty Kitty!

I first read about Bio-Oil in the People magazine Style Watch a couple of years ago. Now, you should know that I love experimenting with tried and true products when I can. I read that it was a huge seller in Australia and New Zealand. AND it's multi-use...for scars, stretch marks, aging and any uneven skin. Because it wasn't available in the US yet, I ordered it. Now, however, it is readily available in drug stores...and even on sale sometimes (like now at for $8.99.)

I don't think that I can vouch for every single one of its claims' effectiveness. However, for scars...I love it!! I use it on my legs for any blotchiness or scars, and can definitely see a difference. I don't recommend it for use on the face because it has mineral oil in it and I know, for me at least, it clogs pores.

I also use it on my stomach and around my hips, where my skin can get kind of dry. I'm sure lotion would work just as well, but I love the feel of this. It is a great hydrater. I wouldn't say that it fades scars like a glycolic product, but smooths and hydrates...and over time that speeds up healing. Same thing with stretch marks. I have read quite a bit about stretch mark creams, as some pregnant friends have sent me on searches, and the consensus seems to be that no cream/oil/serum actually erases them. The best tactic is to keep those areas of skin very well hydrated and supple.

If you have any ingrown hair scars, or dry/uneven skin...this is your product!


The Kitty said...

you're the best! awww! thank you for this great review, i have been so curious what it is you've been using this for. now that i know, i'm going to be investing in a bottle for myself. i think i'll try it on the hips/stomach where i also get really dry skin. yay! :D

AM said...

Kara this is one of the best gifts you ever got me!!!! I use it for dry skin too! Did wonders for my c-section scar!

Laura said...

do you think it's of any use for it's claims to even out uneven skin tone? my face is a big mess of uneven coloring due to sun damage (from being a teenager and stupid and thinking sunscreen would just get in the way of my perfect tan). the pore clogging i'm not worried about, because i don't tend to break out. but, is it worth a try for this problem?

Kara said...

Laura, it would probably work really well if you're not worried about breaking out. I would also try some glycolic acid products that exfoliate deeply and therefore help erase that damage. Let me know if you want specific products!!

Laura said...

i would loooove suggestions for specific glycolic products. anything to lessen the appearance of the sun damage is welcomed.

teresa bowen said...

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