Thursday, June 19, 2008

Win the War Against Ingrown Hairs

I love smooth skin. Smooth, soft skin.

I hate ingrown hairs; they used to plague my life. My hair removal history: I used to wax and use an epilator. Yes, the kind that yank the hair out at the root. I loved this particular torture device because, unlike waxing, it was cheap (like getting waxed at a spa) and not at all messy (waxing yourself at home.) What I didn't like about this method--the ingrowns. Over the years, I started picking at them and scarring my legs. It got really bad.

I hated shaving so much, so decided to get laser hair removal. I then have had to keep my legs either out of the sun or with at least SPF 50 on them. The lighter the skin, the less chance the laser will burn the skin. The good thing about that is that after two summers of that, my scars have faded and disappeared. I just use a good self tanner on them now...I will tell more about my favorite in a later post.

Now, I shave the remaining hairs (laser removal is NOT permanent removal of all hair, just so you know.) I always use a sharp razor, and rely heavily on this miracle cream. Yes, it is technically a foot cream. I found it a couple of years ago researching ingredients in expensive ingrown hair solutions. This has 12% glycolic acid, an extremely effective exfoliant. This stuff is truly amazing on the feet, for ingrowns, on elbows, on really any bumpy skin. Anytime I see an ingrown declaring war on me again, I slap this stuff on. And win the war yet again. Smooth, soft skin for only $8!!


Joy said...

you love glycolic acid.

Kara said...

I do!!! And I even added a new tag of "the wonders of glycolic acid."

Lauren said...

I am so glad you told me about this! I have such a problem with this and I've had a few get really infected and leave yucky scars. I am def. going to go buy this cream.

The Kitty said...

what a great post! i am beginning my search for this first thing tomorrow morning! i (as you know) have been epilating on my legs and so far, so good, no ingrowns! but the bikini line is another issue, and i've been using Follique (just like Tendskin) but i'd like to give this a try, as i can use it on my heels when they get all rough from sandals, too! yay! :D

Tнє ህαℓєntìnє gìяℓ said...


And I thank the commenters too,I feel so alone with my ugly leg scars..

I have rampant and painful ingrown hairs all over my legs.Which if brushed against something or I inadvertently scratch them the wrong way swell into horrible painful scarring pimples.I have even taken antibiotics for it.The only time I ever noticed clear legs is last year when I was using sunless tanner and when I looked at the ingredient there was glycolic acid at the top.
Can't get a Dr to help me the dermatologist said to stop shaving ,so I did and it got worse o.o Have tried epilating,shaving , dry shaver seems to work the best but makes your legs a tiny bit rough.I am going to look for this stuff,pronto ! I hope my skin doesn't revolt because it's sensitive but it's not like I can show my legs off anyway and for 9 bucks it's totally a go :) Thank you again , so much !

Kara said...

I hope it helps you! I used to have them covering my legs from epilating for years, and then scars all over from picking at them. This has really helped me. I am never without it!