Sunday, April 27, 2008


I'm loving the comments! I am re-energized and full of vigor for my blog. The Barnabas spirit lives on. (And, FYI, I changed the settings on the posts so that you can post as anonymous just in case you don't have a blogger account...)

I have been thinking all day about my identity in Christ, and how to reconcile that with my love of beauty products. It's not a question I ever have a pat answer for, but I enjoy the tension. Over Lent, embarrassingly enough, I had to fast from beauty blogs and focus on holistic contentment in my life. I'm finding, when I allow myself to be fully loved as I am, I operate out of that foundation. Everything else is just icing.

I do hope that my life will once again be more active someday. But, for now, I figure out ways to use my mind and my hunger for knowledge. And continually discipline my mind to embrace contentment, despite posts called "Gimme Gimme."

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