Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More About Nails

The other day I was reading about a Hungarian swim coach and how he trained some of the world's greatest Olympic swimmers. He took one already-amazing swimmer who happened to have long nails she was very proud of, and made her swim in a super narrow lane on the edge of the pool. The incentive to keep her nails from getting scratched up on the side of the pool caused her to discipline herself to completely straighten her arms with every stroke. She ended up winning multiple gold medals. Isn't it interesting how much vanity influences us?

Deep discussions of vanity aside, I thought I would share a couple more of my HG nail products. I was reminded by my friend Anne-Marie of them, as I once recommended them to her. Later, I have some additions to The Great Mascara Search...

My friend Kelly once wore that perfect un-streaky, milky white, classy, minimalist nail look that I had been trying to achieve. Her color was a discontinued MAC one that, despite my tenacious research, I couldn't seem to find. After trying the much-lauded Essie "Ballet Slippers" and others, I was pleasantly surprised to find my HG natural nail look made by Sally Hansen. No matter how carelessly I slop that stuff on my nails, it never comes out streaky. I LOVE it.

Nail top coats are also a constant search for me. I love a high gloss, long-lasting finish. I own quite a few top coats, but--yet again--Sally H really pulled through for me. It makes my nails so strong and stays on so well. My purple polish from last week lasted a week and a half, thanks to a mid-week application of this stuff:

Ah, I adore both products. Although neither are marketed for the ways I use them. One is supposed to be anti-aging/yellowing, but it is the perfect pale polish. One is a nail strengthener, but is also a great top coat in between manicures. I have finally abandoned those two HG categories, well satisfied with my diamonds in the rough. For now.

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Anne-Marie said...

Okay I swear by the SH age defying! I wear it under all my colors on my toes. BUT the best is on the nails because you cannot see any chips! I run after twin toddlers all day and wash about 50 dishes a day and so I need a NO see chip polish. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff.