Friday, April 11, 2008

Addendum to Mascara Search

Doesn't it go something like, "it's about the journey, not the destination..." I'm pretty sure I heard a speech centering around that at my high school graduation. Come to think of it, possibly my college graduation as well!

I have been thinking about that today, in my quest for the perfect beauty products. My devotion to research is not limited to beauty products. It is my approach to most things in life. Thankfully, I am have gotten to 26 without an ulcer.

In regards to beauty products, as I've stated, I love the pursuit. I love the research. But, equally, I love the acquiring of a product that becomes a favorite. For all that I cannot seem to hit on the HG mascara, I have plenty of products with which I am perfectly content. After doing the extensive research and testing, I love to feel satisfied having exhausted all the other possibilities. So, I say, it's about the journey AND the destination.

Anyways, on to mascara. I do have one tip for super full, lush lashes. I only use it on special occasions. Alcone's Fast Lash.

$14, known for closest thing to real "false lashes"

Also, just after I posted about mascaras, I got an email from (Complete side note: I found out about Total Beauty in Allure magazine. They described the site for those who "research their products with the diligence of an honor student." I was sold instantly, and secretly felt like Allure had seen into my soul.) Their editors reviewed a bunch of mascaras, and highly recommend this:

Mini size $8.50, Full size $19.50
Supposed to be more weather-proof than DiorShow, and uses the now-famous tube technology.

Thanks so much to Sarah and Lauren who shared their mascara stories. I love hearing what works for other people. I am debating between going with the mini size of the Lash Injection, Fiberwig or finding another curling one. Right now Sephora has a special for a mini eyelash curler, Fiberwig and a how-to DVD for $22. Very tempting...Could this be part of the journey, or maybe at long last, the destination??

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The Kitty said...

DON'T buy the mini Lash Injection! i don't know why, but for some strange reason the mini ones are total crap! i adore Lash Injection, and so when my full-sized tube finally dried out i was at Sephora and picked up a mini one, what a huge disappointment! it's as if they are two completely different mascaras! if you look up the reviews for L.I. on MUA almost all the people who hated it had the mini...go for the big size and you'll love it! it's the best high drama mascara around (and holds a curl like CEMENT!!!).