Friday, November 26, 2010

Goody Pony Pouf Review

I LOVED the Goody Spin Pin, as I raved about here. It is a great tool to have. So, I was excited to pick up the Good Pony Pouf Clip from Target a couple of weeks ago.

I have to say I was very disappointed. It has two clip sizes--one for fine and one for thick hair. I have fine hair, but a TON of it. Seriously, anyone who does my hair comments on how much hair I have. My ponytails are thick, and the larger size of this barely fits my mop.

I love the idea of poufing up a simple pony for a different look, but don't want to tease or backcomb too much as my fine hair tends to tangle. The only easy way to explain why this does not work for me is to say that the slivers used to grab the hair and pouf it are only on one side. Unfortunately, to use this right side up, it won't close around my fat ponytail. I can get it to close, upside down. That may not make sense unless you've seen one in person.

Has anyone had good luck with this product? Walmart is selling a set of Goody tools here.

The video about these is here.


Amy said...

I couldn't even get the darn thing to close around my hair! I have super thick hair, and I got the "thick" one. I even had just had a haircut and he thinned it out for me a ton. So, I'd definitely say these are not for those of us with a lot of hair. :(

Anonymous said...

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

That's EXACTLY what the dudes at the TIPPEE top want U.S. to think: most of U.S. are only concerned about superficiality and utter vanity. Granted, a grown woman must shave her legs to be accepted, if she wants; however, we have been so conditioned to accepting everything the media tells U.S. it's like the TINY tip of the iceberg. Read our nine blogs, please, and be at peace. God bless.

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this look very cute. It looks simple enough to make a pony tail.

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Anonymous said...

I love it - but I don't have a ton of hair and it's kind of limp. This makes it look fuller and gives my ponytail a little volume.

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