Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sew Psyched

I am so psyched about Essie Sew Psyched...I know, painfully bad pun on a good nail polish pun. It is like an update version of OPI You Don't Know Jacques, my favorite fall color of 2008.


beautyandtheblog10 said...

that looks amazing! totally on trend with all the army print out there.
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Mrs. Rogers said...

The Sew Psyched has been growing on me but I did my toes and found 2 matching tank tops for $5 each at the GAP and now I'm really liking it! I do, however, feel that You
Don't Know Jacques does have a much more classic look and it will always be my true hearts passion.

Kara said...

Well, this year it's military all the way! I want to see the tanks.

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Semona said...

Seems like Military green is every where.