Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sephora Sweet Steals

Well, I finally recovered from the ball just in time for an insane Thanksgiving week.  I have had so many beauty and fashion things running through this little head, but have been too tired to write them down!  My two year old niece stayed here for six days.  I was her primary caregiver last weekend.  Wowza...not ready for kids yet.  It was fun, and I missed her as soon as she left, but WOW.

I have been suckered into three Sephora Sweet Steals already.  Have you guys discovered these???

First, I was buying those lipliners I wrote about a few weeks ago when I glanced at the set of TWO Benefit creaseless eyeshadows for $10.  No, I am not kidding.  They are ordinarily $19.  Now, I wasn't going to buy them unless I really liked the color.  I have been SO impressed with the staying power.

Recess - a great, yellowy base.  I have been using it under gray shadow and it lasts as long as Urban Decay primer potion!!  I can also use it as a brow highlighter.

Honey Bunny - a neutral, beigey brown.  Amazing on its own.  Completely matte.

So, tonight I stopped by to return this Benefit powder and scored again.  Frederick Fekkai Salon Glaze mini bottle for $5.  Woohoo.

I found this information on the Sephora blog. Stay tuned for these great little deals.  Don't be suckered just because it's a good deal. But, if it's something you want, go for it!!

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