Friday, December 11, 2009

Pickers Anonymous

Ok, so I have serious issues.  I have always been a bit of a picker in regards to ingrown hairs, or facial blemishes.  Over the last couple of years, it has steadily grown to be a bit of a sickness.  Aaron gets so mad at me for going to town on a small blackhead--which then turns into a massive underground cystic pimple...which then turns into a massive scab after I have squeezed it.  Then, I have a huge scab which turns into a huge scar.

It's so bad, and yet I keep doing it!

I've tried to tell myself to stop it.  The original goal was that I wasn't going to pick for the three weeks before the ball.  Well, I fell off the wagon approximately every other day.

When I told Aaron, he asked "When were you ever on the wagon???"


Well, I did the same thing this week. It's so bad that the three year old I nanny for has been very concerned about the boo boo on my face.  Also, my niece asked about my "poor little owie" on my chin.

Now I have a HUGE scab right in the middle of my chin...prompting me to make a new commitment.  I will not pick for the rest of the year.  If I succeed in purging the puss of this terrible addiction from my life, I will reward myself with this:

a fairly inexpensive item I have never been able to justify purchasing

Can I succeed?  I severely lack will power in this area.  Before I got sick, I was super disciplined about everything.  Now, because I have to be so careful with my energy, I am alot easier on myself.

But my only goals for December are to break my addiction, and to catch up on two months' worth of Bible reading in 20 days.  I have gotten seriously behind and want to complete the year having read it in a year.

Wish me luck!!!


Julia said...

I have a similar addiction. Not being a picker, but a plucker. Why do I do it? Well I am sure some psychologist could figure it out, but my real question is why can't I stop? Seriously! I have made goals over and over and over again. And only get more frusterated each time I fail.
I hope you can conquer picking. But when you do fail at attempts, give yourself grace.

Kara said...

I remember you talking about your eyelashes. I know! Aaron gets so mad at me and says I destroy my face.

To my credit, I have been limiting my time with a 10x magnification mirror and have been using warm compresses on blemishes instead. I have really been good...for about two weeks!