Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in Action

I'm FINALLY feeling a little better...woohoo!  I can deal with my constant fatigue, but not the full body misery that I have dealt with for the past month.

Anyways, in my free time, I've been playing on YouTube still with tutorial videos.  As I've said before, I struggle with staying power of powder eyeliner.  This video was SO exhaustive...covering all types of eyeliner.  It's a bit long, but if you need a refresher course on eyeliner, this is for you!  I learned so much.

Even though I love makeup, I'm not particularly adept at applying it.  I guess I don't like to wear too much at one time.  I prefer more subtle makeup, and really good skincare.  Still, I love a lined eye and really enjoyed this video.

How to Apply Eye Liner

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