Thursday, August 27, 2009

Moroccan Oil

Wowza, this stuff is amazing. I kept seeing it raved about everywhere, but figured I didn't need another oil. I am already obsessed with Tahitian Monoi oil, Bio-Oil and Jojoba oil!

I stayed with Laura last week and she told me to try this Moroccan Oil. WOW. For her, it's taken the place of serum or Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream (my drug of choice.) My hair is already pretty shiny, but I would never use FF on second day dry hair...for fear it would feel dirty or greasy. I used the oil on my hair the second day...NO oiliness, no dirty feel. It seriously restyled my hair. I love it.

The smallest size is $14.99. I may wait until I finish my jumbo tube of FF to purchase, but may break down and buy the small one...if I can find it with free shipping.


Laura said...

it's true, it is a miracle product. makes first day hair shiny and soft. and, on 2nd (or 3rd in my case often) day hair all i have to do is put a dab in and go, no need to restyle at all.

and, it's pricy, but totally worth it. i have the large bottle (paid 25 dollars i think), have had it for 6 months and am barely half way through it. you only need a tiny bit (dime size or less) to go a long, long way.

Kara said...

Oh, I thought your size would be more expensive than that. I may have to have you pick some up for me next time you see Summer! I don't want to pay for shipping.

Laura said...

i'm going in to see her in 3 weeks or so. let me know if you want some!