Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Fave Tinted Moisturizer

First of all, sorry for the hiatus! Last week was my last week of work for a bit and I was SO exhausted. Then, my niece and nephew have been at my house and I have been having a blast NOT working and hanging with them. I have barely been on the computer, which--if you know me--is a small miracle!

Anyways, over the past year, I have tested many tinted moisturizers. I have done everything from Stila's regular (too oily) and oil-free (too chalky), to CoverGirl (too beigy and clogged my nose pores), to Cosmedicine matte (terrible finish), to Benefit (too oily and limited colors), etc.

Two that I'm really loving are Shiseido and Aveeno. The huge difference is in price. S is $37 and A I got for $13. I've decided to take some time off from work for my health, and with my big Euro trip...I am into saving the money.

S is not oil-free, but sinks in so quickly. It is extremely subtle.

A is oil-free, is supposed to even skin tone over time, and really gives incredible coverage. As usual for me, I have to really blend into my chin or it flakes (side effect of regularly using Benzoyl Peroxide.) I am really impressed by it. I have really fair face skin, and went with the darker of the two shades. I would suggest getting it at Target, unless it's on sale at a drugstore. Otherwise, it was regularly $17--way too pricey for drugstore brand in my opinion.

I have loved the coverage so much that I haven't even been wearing mineral makeup over. A little powder and I'm good to go.

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