Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tulip Skirt

Forever 21, $15.80

Urban Outfitters, $58

I want a tulip skirt! I want to wear it with (warning: politically incorrectly named) a wife-beater. I want it!!!

Have I mentioned that I am done with work a week from tomorrow? Or that I leave for England/Greece three weeks from tomorrow?

Or that I haven't had DSL at home for a week now....


AM said...

you should get one for the trip!

Kara said...

I know! I'll see if I'll have the energy to hit up Forever21. So far, I'm feeling super lazy and no pressure to get new clothes for the trip (good thing.) I'll probably be wearing my bathing suit the whole time in kind of vaca!!

AM said...

True, but you may want it when you come home!!! It sounds like such a deal!!!! I so need new clothes. EVERYTHING I have feels like I wore it when I was pregnant. I remember having that feeling with the twins, just wanted to throw it all out and start over. Budget does not allow that so I am suffering through my uninspired clothing!