Saturday, May 9, 2009

New HG product

So, I have been in the market for a new dry shampoo. Since I cut my bangs again in February, I have tried using saltspray on them when drying (to make the hair less oily and more texturized) and have been trying to use up my Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. The salt spray is hit or miss...too much and my bangs are crunchy. Furthermore, the scent of the Blandi stuff is a lemon verbena--normally a smell that I would appreciate. Well, after a while, it becomes the smell I associate with dirty, greasy hair. Therefore, I hate the smell now. It makes me feel tired, in a hurry and dirty (unconscious response.)

Anyways, I read about Klorane dry shampoos--all natural ingredients--and happened to see one that is nonaerosol. I hate how every aerosol can I have ever owned has clogged--Jonathan hairspray, Sally Hanson Airbrush Legs, Artec hairspray, Pssss! dry shampoo, etc.

I ordered it, and I was thrown by the lack of an actual spray button. Instead, you turn it open to reveal a nozzle and then squeeze the sides to make it come out. It sounds complicated, I know...and it was hard to grasp at first. They even include an illustration on it!

But, the stuff works, has no obnoxious smell and doesn't make my hair all gritty. I love it! It comes out white, but turns to clear in a few seconds.

Does this mean that my bangs can look like this everyday now?? (As I wash my hair every other day.)

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