Sunday, March 1, 2009

Paintin' the Nails

So I've been really not paying attention to beauty tips or products this week. With Lent beginning, I was feeling very contemplative. Hey, I'm allowed my moments, right?? Also, my health hasn't been great for two weeks, and I'm making some job changes. Big week!

This weekend, I did get a chance to paint my 2 year old niece's fingernails in a French manicure. This was a toughie. She was so enamored by the process that she would forget to hold her free hand still, and kept messing up the same two nails.

Here are our nails. Hers were inspired by just the idea of it being super cute on her little hands:

And mine are a cheapie Sally Hansen brick red that I have loved for a couple of years. It looks especially good under the amazing OPI Drip Dry drops. I have been inspired by all the red nails on The City lately.

Speaking of The City (which I watch every week and then berate myself for wasting 30 minutes of my life on), I love Whitney's use of bronzer. I myself am a big fan of bronzer as a year-round makeup staple. Apparently Whitney feels the same. She used it consistently on the apples of her cheeks. Love it!

Observe below:


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AM said...

Loved this post!

Kara said...

Thanks, friend! I love blogging about the little frivolous things in you know.

fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody said...

I love Witeny's always bronzed or pink cheeks. However, what I always comment on is her hair. Does anyone else notice the grown out highlights, and sort of dull natural color? Is that the in thing now, I'm confused?

Kara said...

I agree with the roots and dull hair! My only guess is that it's sort of in style to have roots showing like that...I think they're calling it "recessionista hair."