Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mason Pearson knockoff

So, for a few years now, I've read about the wonders of the Mason Pearson brushes and combs. They come with a lifetime guarantee...and cost about $130! Every blog writes about them, makeupalley has many rave reviews. The most popular brush is a boar bristle/nylon blend. I already own a set of brushes, including a couple of boar bristles.

Well, after reading in Allure a couple of years ago that Sonia Kashuk made almost exactly the same brush (bristles wise only, because MP brushes are handcrafted wood) for $14.99. I diligently researched this brush as well, and it got mostly great reviews...except for the ones saying that it didn't come close to the pricey MP.

I generally only brush my hair with a comb while it's wet. I like my natural wave to keep its separation. Well, I got this brush and have since changed my ways. I am loving brushing my hair before bed and feeling it tingle against my scalp. I love this purchase!

Sonia Kashuk Hair Brush


tshops said...

I am definitely going to have to check this out! Want to be a ShopItToMe Trendsetter? Email! -tamra

Laura said...

do you notice a difference in how your hair looks? i never, ever brush my hair, so am curious.

Kara said...

Well, it makes my hair much silkier than I thought it would, but also a bit on the fluffy side on my topmost layer. I have been brushing it at night, and then re-texturizing a bit in the morning.