Saturday, February 21, 2009

Urban Decay Primer Potion Sin

So, I blogged about the new Urban Decay Primer Potion. I broke down and bought it...and love it!! It is not as creaseproof as the original PP, but is perfect for wearing alone. The color is very similar to Stila Kitten or MAC Shroom--your basic neutral shimmer. I took an informal poll at work to see what the girls thought. They unanimously said that it brightens my eyes! Done.

I don't like to own too many eye products. I am usually very simplistic in the morning. Therefore, I'm very picky about adding to my collection. This is so versatile and long-lasting. I have had to blend in a little creasing late in the day, though.

I slap that stuff on, with or without liquid liner. I have also used a darker brown and smudged it in my crease, right on top of it. It stayed perfectly.

And it suits my very subtle makeup look just fine. I am only wearing the Sin and mascara on my eyes.


AM said...

GREAT purchase. I agree with the results of your poll, it does open your eye up and brighten. I LOVE this look on you. Also do I spot pale lips?????

Kara said...

Haha, no, the lips were naked! I took it in front of my lamp, so it kind of gave everything a different look probably. But, I'm loving the new primer potion. I have worn it everyday for two weeks!!

AM said...

it looks so good!